The goal of this project was to create an engaging and inspiring ad series. I wanted to highlight how easy it is to bring CLIF with you. It’s a small bar in convenient packaging. CLIF’s energy is very active and inspiring. I took inspiration from their existing packaging and tried to capture the same athletic energy. I did this by illustrating athletic bags and using athletic settings. I also used bright colors to create that same energetic feeling.
Concept // Photography // Photo Manipulation // Layout
The first concept for this series was "Energy when you need it". I already knew I wanted to include athletic bags in the ad, the challenge was deciding how to display the bar along with the bag. This was my first idea sketched out.
The ad was starting to take life! After further exploration, the headline became "protein on the go".
I settled on drawing a simple outline of the athletic bags to frame the CLIF bar and sourced some
photography for the background environment. I also made sure to match the backgrounds to the
CLIF packaging that features famous athletes. 
A look into my photoshoot setup and sketches of the athletic bags for the ad series.
Social media posts​​​​​​​
As part of the ad series, I created some Instagram posts and a reel to promote the brand further. I wanted the CLIF packaging to stand out; I chose to simplify the poster design and use the same visuals in the social media posts. The reel is a short and playful video made using After Effects to promote CLIF and its excellent source of protein. 

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